Tomorrow, 3rd edition of the “Conference on the Sustainability of Fisheries Resources in Morocco”: Sustainability in the Fishing Industry in Morocco


Sustainability is at the heart of the concerns of the fishing industry in Morocco. As the Federation of Fishing Products Processing and Valorization Industries, (FENIP) plays an active role in the preservation of marine resources while promoting responsible fishing, highlighting Moroccan regulations on resource protection marine resources as well as its own initiatives in favor of sustainability.

Moroccan Regulations on the Protection of Marine Resources:

Morocco, as a country blessed with rich marine diversity, attaches great importance to the protection of its marine resources. As part of the “Halieutis” strategy, the Moroccan government has implemented development plans aimed at guaranteeing the sustainability of marine resources while ensuring the economic viability of the fishing industry.

These management plans include strict measures such as regulating fishing quotas, protecting breeding grounds, combating illegal fishing and promoting sustainable fishing methods. FENIP fully supports these measures and works closely with the authorities to ensure their effective implementation.

FENIP’s Commitment to Sustainability:

FENIP works strongly on the need to promote sustainability within the fishing industry, having taken several important initiatives to realize this commitment:

1-Charter on Sustainability: In collaboration with its members, FENIP has developed a Charter on Sustainability which sets out its commitments in terms of responsible fishing. This charter encourages its members to adopt environmentally friendly practices, reduce their ecological footprint and promote sustainability at all stages of the fishing value chain.

2-Sustainability Conference: FENIP regularly organizes conferences dedicated to sustainability in the fishing industry. These events bring together experts, researchers, policymakers and industry stakeholders to discuss sustainability challenges and opportunities and share best practices.

FENIP has always been proud of its commitment to sustainability and will continue to work together with its members and the authorities to ensure that the fishing industry in Morocco remains sustainable, environmentally friendly and economically viable.

The 3rd edition of the “Conference on the Sustainability of Fisheries Resources in Morocco” will take place this Wednesday, May 15, 2024 in Casablanca

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