Othman Lahbabi, founder of Crimson Aces, organizer of the “Road to Marrakech” on motorcycles: “All religions were present and 30 African countries returned to Marrakech via Guergarat”


Mohamed Othman Lahbabi, founder of Crimson Aces, organizer of the “Road to Marrakech”, the largest gathering of big motorcycles in Marrakech, confirmed that the fourth edition of this “journey to Marrakech”, which has just taken place this weekend last, was characterized by the presence of more than 30 African countries which chose, this year, to come on motorbikes from their respective countries instead of returning to Marrakech by plane, having thus crossed the border post of Guergarat, thus expressing their strong feelings towards Morocco and its real borders, a clear indication of the security which reigns in the Moroccan borders, giving a real lesson to those who continue to doubt the Moroccanness of the Moroccan Sahara.

Lahbabi also noted that this “Road to Marrakech” honored Women at their true value since there were several participants who created an air of joy and an unprecedented family spirit among the participants.

All in all, a fourth edition of this “trip to Marrakech” varied, however, showing that Morocco is a country of tolerance since there were participants of different religions within the motorcycle trip, which further demonstrates that Morocco has always open His Earth for all without exception

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