Arab Summit highlights Morocco’s efforts to resolve the crisis in Libya


The 33rd Arab Summit, held Thursday in Manama, underlined, in its decision relating to the situation in Libya, the centrality of the Political Agreement signed in 2015 in Skhirat as a general settlement framework capable of promoting national reconciliation between the parties Libyans and to establish their ownership of the political process.

Likewise, the Kingdom’s efforts to obtain compromises between the Libyan parties and move towards a consensual solution were highlighted in the report of the presidency of the 32nd Arab Summit on the action of the Monitoring Mechanism implementation of decisions and commitments made.

This report was approved by the Authority during its meeting organized on the sidelines of the work of the 33rd Summit of the Arab League.

He refers to the press release from the Secretary General of the League of Arab States, dated June 8, 2023, in which he welcomes the holding in the Kingdom of Morocco of meetings of the Joint Commission (6+6) responsible for preparing electoral laws in Libya , which were held in the town of Bouznika from May 22, 2023.

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