In the presence of champions El Moutawakkil and El Bakkali, the 10 km race to the rhythms of spiritual music.


The organizing committee of the 10 km race to the rhythms of spiritual music held a press conference in a hotel in the spiritual capital.

The management of the Fez Association has revealed all the organizational and technical details of this exceptional sporting event.

Organized by the Fès Saïs Association under the patronage of the Governorate of the Fès-Meknes region, in collaboration with the Mechouar Fès Jdid commune and the Fès-Meknes Regional Academy of Education and Training, the eighth edition of the race international folklore is part of the 27th Festival of Spiritual Music of Fez.

The race is part of the 27th Spiritual Music Festival and will take place on May 26, 2024, from 9 a.m., with a starting point at the main gate of Jnan Sbil, and will run for 10 kilometers across the gates and sites of the old city of Fez.

The race is an initiative of the Fès Saïs Association, an initiative aimed at promoting cultural and social activities, and the organizing committee seeks to enrich the cultural scene of Fez and promote the diversity for which the city is famous.

The same official thanked the local and regional authorities, the municipality of Fez, the region, the Mechouar of Fez and the former officials who were at the origin of the support of the spiritual music race of Fez.

For his part, Abderrahim Bouramdane stressed that the race will pass through the historic walls and souks of Fez, and will be an opportunity for participants to explore the beauty of the city in a unique and pleasant way. “Running to the rhythm of spiritual music gives the race a distinctive character, combining heritage and modernity,” for a city whose rich history spans 12 centuries and the Kingdom of Morocco.

Around 3,000 runners of all ages and nationalities are expected to take part in this popular international race, including prominent international champions, such as Olympic champion Nawal El Moutawakkil and world champion Sofiane El Bakkali.

The organizers have confirmed that this sporting and cultural adventure is a race to the rhythm of Spiritual Music.

It is a sporting, tourist and cultural race that celebrates sportsmanship and authentic Moroccan Culture, starting from Jnan Sbil and ending in Bab Boujloud, with the aim of enjoying a day that reflects the true spirit of Fez, the city of art, history and life.

It was highlighted that the presence of Olympic champions Nawal El Moutawakkil and Sofiane El Bakkali gives the event an additional dimension of inspiration and motivation. These two athletes are not only symbols of sporting excellence, but also models of determination.”

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