Morocco won seven medals, including five gold, at the Mediterranean Kickboxing Cup in Türkiye


The Moroccan National Team participating in the Mediterranean Kickboxing Cup, organized in the Turkish capital Istanbul, managed to achieve a very honorable result by winning seven precious medals, including five gold and two bronze, during this Mediterranean championship.

The gold medals were won by Omaima Blourath in less than 48 kg, Ichrak Laroussi in less than 56 kg, Salma Maghar in less than 65 kg, Marwane Diori in less than 71 kg and Mohamed El Krafs who won his medal in gold in less than 81 kg, while the two bronze medals were won by Jawahir Berhane in less than 60 kg and Osama Abou Saad in less than 63.5 kg.

It should be noted that the National Team, whose participation in this Mediterranean competition was limited to seven members, participated in the Kaiwan category.

It should also be noted that the National Kickboxing Team was technically supported during this sporting competition by the National Technical Director Mr. Abderrahim Ghardach and the National Director Mr. Chouaib Fattah, and the Moroccan referee present at this competition Mr. Mohamed El Drioui.

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