Encouraging supermarkets succeeds in supplying them with 80% locally manufactured products.

“Made in Morocco”, “Made in Morocco”, “Moroccan product”, and other similar expressions now dominate most of the products recently offered in supermarket chains in Morocco.

A new strategy has been launched by the government through the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to promote local Moroccan products and encourage supermarkets and commercial spaces to market them instead of imported products.

To date, Minister Ryad Mezzour’s strategy appears to have succeeded in ensuring that Moroccan-made products occupy the bulk of the shelves in supply stores and wholesale and retail spaces across the kingdom.

In this regard, Ryad Mezzour explained that large stores have been encouraged to source locally manufactured products, reaching nearly 80% of the shelves of certain stores thanks to the signing of five partnership agreements for the development of local products between the ministry and four main players in the distribution sector in Morocco.

In addition, local products now benefit from significant external marketing and are no longer limited to Moroccan markets. Minister Ryad Mezzour indicated that the promotion of locally manufactured products on international markets is currently being done through the “Go-To-Market” program, which aims to diversify the markets of exporting companies and increase their export volumes.

There is also the “Export Promotion” program which targets non-exporting companies or those which export informally, as well as the “Export Now Morocco” program launched by the Moroccan Investment and Export Development Agency to support companies internationally, among other programs that will make products manufactured in Morocco highly competitive both locally and internationally.

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