The Regional Directorate of the ANEF of Rabat –Salé-Kénitra, is leading an awareness campaign for the protection of forests on the occasion of the National Day of awareness of the risks of forest fires, from May 21 to 23, 2024.


The National Agency for Water and Forests, in collaboration with its relevant partners, such as the Ministry of the Interior and Civil Protection, has designated May 21 each year as the National Day of Awareness of the Risks of Forest Fires.

This national event offers the opportunity to the Regional Directorate of the National Agency for Water and Forests of Rabat –Salé-Kénitra, to organize a panel of activities and actions aimed at raising awareness among schoolchildren, residents and visitors of the forests dangers and consequences of forest fires.

The Regional Directorate of the National Agency for Water and Forests of Rabat Salé Kénitra, in collaboration with the regional Civil Protection Commands and the Local Authorities of the Provinces of Kenitra, Rabat, Sidi Slimane, Sidi Kacem and Khemisset, is organizing a series of activities aimed at informing and educating the public on the preservation of our forests against fires. These activities are spread over three days, from May 21 to 23, 2024 and include presentations, screenings of awareness videos, artistic works and interactive workshops in around twenty schools and 9 urban forests.

The day of May 26 will be devoted to a simulation of the system for fighting forest fires. This simulation will be held in the urban forest of Saknia (Kenitra), with the presence on site of first response vehicles and civil protection vehicles, offering a practical demonstration of the measures to be taken in the event of an emergency.

In order to strengthen awareness and action efforts, joint initiatives have been planned to educate and inform schoolchildren and citizens on responsible behavior to adopt for the preservation of this heritage. The participation of Local Authorities, National Security, Civil Protection, Auxiliary Forces and Water and Forests during the opening day demonstrates collective mobilization for the protection of our forest ecosystems.

It should be noted that the health of our forest ecosystems is of paramount importance, and with ongoing climate change, the threat of forest fires is more present than ever.

This event marks the launch of a series of actions included in the 2024 Campaign against Forest Fires, aimed at strengthening the resilience of our forests in the face of increasing fire risks. Furthermore, the National Agency for Water and Forests will deploy awareness campaigns through local and national media to reach a wider audience and encourage collective awareness.

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