Organization of Hajj 1446 H/2025: Toufiq presents the measures taken by the ministry


The Minister of Habous and Islamic Affairs, Ahmed Toufiq presented, Tuesday to the House of Advisors, the various measures taken by the ministry for the organization of the Hajj season 1446H/2025.

In response to two oral questions on the organization of this year’s Hajj, during a session devoted to oral questions, Mr. Toufiq said that an ordinary meeting took place on October 4 with the Saudi minister Hajj and Umrah and was marked by the signing of an agreement relating to preparations for the transport of Moroccan pilgrims.

The Royal Commission in charge of pilgrimage, he continued, held a meeting on November 9, during which the lists of beneficiary pilgrims selected from among those registered in this year’s draw were defined. which number 34,000 pilgrims (22,500 pilgrims supervised by the ministry and 11,500 pilgrims by tourist travel agencies).

The fees for pilgrims supervised by the ministry were set at 66,865.50 dirhams, he said, noting that the payment date will begin from January 22 to 31, while the selection of supervisors and chaperones took place according to the quota of each prefecture and province with an average of one supervisor for 47 pilgrims.

According to the minister, the lists of administrative, scientific, medical and media delegations were also finalized, the departure date of the first group was set for May 9, and meetings were held with the two transport companies. , noting that the first flight of the outward phase will take off next Thursday and the last flight is scheduled for June 10, while the first flight of the return phase is scheduled for June 22 and the last flight on July 10.

He further indicated that training sessions have been organized since February, in addition to the establishment of awareness programs through the media, pilgrimage awareness spots broadcast on different media, adding that the “Route” initiative of Mecca” will be implemented at Casablanca Airport.

Regarding the cost of the pilgrimage, Mr. Toufiq affirmed that it is determined by the service provided to the pilgrims including the plane ticket, accommodation in Mecca, meals (breakfast and lunch) and transport between the cities and the different sites where the rituals take place, adding that “the increases experienced from time to time in hajj costs are due to services and taxes”.

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