They were found guilty of belonging to “Daesh”… Somali court orders death penalty against 6 Moroccans


A military court in Somalia has sentenced 6 Moroccan citizens to death, after finding them guilty of belonging to the Islamic State “Daesh”.

The Vice-President of the Court announced that they had received training in the mountains of Kal Miskat, in the north-eastern region of Somalia.

He said they were convicted of trying to “destroy the lives of the Somali people and sow chaos in the country.”

Somali media quoted a court spokesperson as saying the six Moroccans were arrested in Puntland and the investigation against them lasted about a month.

He stressed that the court “contacted the families of the accused, provided them with a translator and represented them by a lawyer”.

He added: “After all the legal proceedings, including hearings and presentation of evidence against the accused, the court issued its decisions. “But they can appeal within 30 days, otherwise the death sentence will be carried out by firing squad.”

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