New… A police officer committed suicide with his functional weapon

Misbah Ahmed – New

The headquarters of the Royal Gendarmerie Land Brigade is known as Al-Bir Al-Jadid, affiliated to the Al-Jadidah Royal Gendarmerie Company. Since Wednesday morning, the police, intelligence and local authorities have been on alert, following an incident. gendarme occupying the position of deputy and deputy commander of the Al-Bir gendarmerie center Al-Jadid ended his life by shooting himself in the hand. His working weapon, I wanted him to be a corpse, inside. his functional residence.

Thus, stakeholders from the general command of the Royal Gendarmerie in Rabat and the regional command of El Jadida, immediately dispatched to the scene of Nazla, are carrying out field research and investigations in full swing, to determine the causes, circumstances and circumstances of the suicide of the Gendarmerie employee. This tragic and unprecedented disaster at the New Well Center, the consequences of which have not yet been explored and which is not improbable, could be among the causes due to work pressure, particularly given the limited number of gendarmes working in the territorial division of Nouveau Puits, compared to security employees working for the police services of the same city.

Moreover, this afternoon, Wednesday, a senior gendarmerie official was seen inside the prosecutor’s office of Al-Jadida primary school. Which could be closely linked to the policeman’s suicide.

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