Morocco-USA cooperation: ONEE CEO receives US ambassador


Strengthening cooperation in the fields of electricity, drinking water and liquid sanitation was at the center of a meeting on Friday in Rabat between the director general of the National Electricity Office and Drinking Water (ONEE), Abderrahim El Hafidi, and the United States Ambassador to Morocco, Puneet Talwar.

This meeting, which was attended by the economic advisor, Carol Volk, the economic project manager, Stephanie Barnett, and the economic specialist, Mustapha El Gamra, was an opportunity to discuss the prospects for strengthening cooperation in the areas of electricity, drinking water and liquid sanitation between the two countries, indicates ONEE in a press release. During this meeting, Mr. El Hafidi presented the success indicators of the projects carried out by ONEE in the field of electricity, making the Office a key player in the realization of the national energy strategy with a view to consolidating energy independence of the Kingdom and to develop its natural resources. The Director General of ONEE thus presented the renewable projects, current and future, aimed at increasing the share of renewable energies in the national energy mix, natural gas projects, an essential source of energy in the process of national energy transition, as well as major electricity transmission infrastructure development projects.

Regarding the development of the Electric Transmission System, new cooperation opportunities are envisaged in order to develop a robust, resilient electricity network with unrivaled performance. Mr. El Hafidi also presented ONEE’s strategy for drinking water and liquid sanitation as well as the Office’s ambitious program to ensure the country’s drinking water supply in the context of current water stress. .

On this subject, he stressed that ONEE is strongly committed to the development of unconventional water resources through the promotion of innovative technologies in the field of water, notably seawater desalination and reuse of treated wastewater, in order to reduce the current heavy dependence on conventional water resources which are vulnerable to climate change.

For his part, Mr. Talwara underlined, according to the same source, that Morocco is a model in terms of transition to renewable energy sources and the fight against climate change, adding that discussions about the programs of the ONEE’s efforts to integrate more renewable energy into the Moroccan electricity grid represent an excellent opportunity for future cooperation.

Thus, the two parties agreed to explore opportunities for sharing American expertise in the field of innovative technologies and R&D, to support the implementation of the Office’s major projects as part of the ambitious investment program. of ONEE in the electricity, drinking water and liquid sanitation sectors, affirming their desire to promote cooperative relations in these vital areas.

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