Second Coordination Meeting of the Climate Unit in the field of the fight against climate change within the Ministry of Economy and Finance


The Climate Unit responsible for coordinating the actions of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) in the fight against climate change recently held its second meeting in Rabat. This second meeting, which follows the Unit’s launch workshop held on January 25, 2024, was an opportunity to adopt the Unit’s internal regulations.

​It should be remembered that the Climate Unit was created at the MEF level by Circular Letter No. 10322 from the Minister Delegate in charge of the Budget dated 11/28/2022. It brings together representatives of the different Directorates and General Directorates under the Ministry concerned by this theme, and serves as a “task force” for the integration of climate considerations into public finances, in accordance with national legislation and policies, as well as with the international commitments made by our country.

It should be noted, in this regard, the central role played by the MEF, through the various levers at its disposal, in particular the establishment of financial and fiscal incentives, the development of appropriate budgetary choices, the definition of policies adapted customs regulations, the regulation of public markets, the mobilization of innovative financing, etc. These actions are essential to promote the transition towards a sustainable and resilient economy in the face of climate challenges, as advocated by the New Development Model of the Kingdom of Morocco.

As a result, this second meeting of the Climate Unit saw interesting exchanges around the methodology of climate labeling of the Budget, which is being prepared with the support of the French Development Agency. It was also a question of discussing the results of the study carried out by the German Agency for International Cooperation GIZ on tax measures in favor of energy efficiency. Also, preliminary discussions around carbon pricing were discussed.

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