Malaysia/Muslim World Women’s Summit 2024: Moroccan Professor Raja AGHZADI, an imminent figure on the Moroccan and African health scene, cancer surgeon of her generation, honored for her humanitarian commitment


On February 27, 2024, the Malaysian capital hosted the official ceremony of “the Muslim World Women’s Summit 2024”.

This high-level event brought together high-level global and national figures including Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Ahmad Zahid Bin Hamidi, Minister for Women and Rural and Regional Development Datuk Seri Noraini Ahmad, as well as the Director General of the Islamic Center of Development and Trade Ms. Latifa El Bouabdallaoui, who proposed and supported the Moroccan candidacy.

During this prestigious ceremony, Morocco was honored with the exceptional “Muslim World Award 2024”, awarded to two personalities from the political and scientific world: to her Excellency Madame Aissata Tall Sall, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Senegal and current Minister of justice and to the Moroccan Professor Raja AGHZADI for her brilliant career.

Professor Raja AGHZADI is an imminent figure on the Moroccan and African health scene, a cancer surgeon of her generation, renowned for her humanitarian commitment through interventions in various regions of her native country and the African continent. His contribution as honorary consul in Gambia and his role within the New Development Model Commission were also highlighted.

This distinction testifies to the key role of Moroccan and African women, highlighting their inspiring leadership. It also highlights the excellence of the health sector in Morocco, now recognized on a continental and global scale.

This recognition comes at an opportune time, less than a year after the launch by His Majesty the King, may God glorify him, of the new expanded social protection system, thus demonstrating Morocco’s continued commitment to progress and well-being. be one of its citizens.

The trophy was presented to Professor AGHZADI by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, symbolizing the cooperation and friendship between the two nations.

We can therefore only pay vibrant tribute to Professor AGHZADI for this well-deserved distinction, as well as for his tireless commitment to excellence and progress. We also highlight the considerable efforts made by African and Arab women as well as Morocco, which once again stands out on the international scene, this time in Asia and in the crucial area of ​​Health, a sector of major investment both in terms of service and industry.

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