Act 1: Everything you need to know about the Moroccan Anti-Doping Agency’s conference-debate, “Together for a doping-free sport”


The Moroccan Anti-Doping Agency and the Road Running and Marathon Sports Association, in partnership with the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sport in Hay El Hassani, organized the day before yesterday Friday at the High School El Yassamine, a study day under the theme: “All for a doping-free sport”

A meeting attended by more than nine sports federations, former players, former coaches and supervisors, former referees headed by the former president of the CCA Benmansour and an audience of journalists

After the presentation of the National Anthem and the furtive but very eloquent speech of the president of the ASCRM, the floor was subsequently given to Mrs. Abou Ali, the president of the AMAD who gave a whole history of her Agency, its particularities, its performances, its knowledge in the matter, all punctuated by a filmed report then a theme on the prohibitions, the wrongly done and the few solutions to be adopted if necessary in the need of the possible because, the fact of acting concretely requires considerable efforts from the moment that those concerned have never had the courage to react wisely by the Federations themselves, the supervisors the first accused of inciting doping, the athletes of all categories who seek easy feat, families who do not respond positively towards their offspring and the blatant lack of a popular approach to this subject which most often remains taboo

Ms. Abou Ali may explain all the faults generated while offering adequate ingredients, but the fact remains that much remains to be done in such a delicate and painful register for many.

This Day was able, at least, to lift the finger on the wound, while demonstrating that each of us is responsible towards ourselves and towards others and that we will have to stand together in order to seek to put an end to this scourge. , although it is always difficult to deal with

The intervention of Mrs. Abou Ali was conclusive in more than one way, just like that of Doctor Zahi Boujemaà, ​​ex doctor of the AS FAR who diversified the data especially on the sporting level, then came the intervention of the eminent journalist Hassan El Basri, who dissected all the defects relating to doping and expressed himself with full conviction, in a “tough” and very explanatory manner to succeed in highlighting the strong point which must be treated in such a way. doping cases based on real facts

The floor was then given to those present, the most eloquent of whom was Mr. Maàzouz who treated the subject at its fair value, pointing out some sports officials within a National Team itself, without naming them, and accelerating the debate towards a differentiation of ideas which have all succeeded, like those of Abderrahim Talib who rose up in a new relevant subject related to the mental cycle and which could soon be of great use to Mrs. Abou Ali so that she can enrich her repertoire, for more knowledge in this area!

Still, the Day was rich in lessons and everyone was almost satisfied to have spent an afternoon full of knowledge!

We’ll come back!

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