More than 40 thousand visitors in three days at the Moroccan real estate fair in Paris

The 19th edition of the Moroccan Real Estate Fair in Paris (SMAP IMO), which was held from May 24 to 26, was “exceptional and successful in all respects”, since it attracted more than 40,000 visitors from France and neighboring European countries, according to what the organizers announced.

A press release from the organizers indicates that this event saw the participation of Morocco’s most important real estate developers, who presented offers including hundreds of real estate projects in more than 60 Moroccan cities.

The source stressed that the massive attendance at the Paris show confirms the desire of Moroccans in France and around the world, including new generations, to invest in their country of origin, in addition to highlighting the real potential that represents France as a promising and essential market. in the field of real estate investment in Morocco, noting that many visitors came to the show with the aim of acquiring real estate in their country of origin.

The report added that many exhibitors, who represented private and public companies, expressed satisfaction with the results of the exhibition and the number of transactions carried out, noting that demand was strong for all types of real estate, especially those of “high quality”. and “medium quality” real estate, very popular especially in coastal areas, in addition to the demand for land purchases in real estate segments.

In addition to being an opportunity to highlight the real estate offer in different Moroccan cities, the show was an opportunity to organize discussion sessions with notaries and experts in the field of real estate, and seminars on bank financing, and on “housing support”. program announced by the Moroccan government, in order to allow visitors to the show to consult and obtain precise information on the legal aspect and the aspect linked to bank loans, linked to real estate investment in Morocco, according to the organizers.

The same source noted that this approach is part of the context of seeking to take into account all the requirements of the current circumstance, including the protection of consumers and investors, by informing and alerting them on the steps to be taken. follow, before concluding any purchasing transaction. , indicating that the “Smap Imo” group has in 2025, two new exhibitions (Road Show) will be organized in New York and Montreal, in addition to the exhibitions in Brussels and Paris.

The organizers confirmed that (SMAP Emo Paris) is the largest Moroccan real estate event abroad, enjoys growing notoriety and influence, and is highly anticipated by Moroccans around the world in various European cities, in because of its programs which promote the positive image of real estate. Morocco and the art of living there, adding that (SMAP Emo Paris) It is very successful with Moroccans around the world, the French and citizens of neighboring countries.

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