Mr. Nizar BARAKA Participant in the high-level Side-Event “What priority actions for the implementation of basin management? »


Mr. Nizar Baraka, Minister of Equipment and Water, in his capacity as President of the International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO), opened the high-level Side Event devoted to the discussion of priority actions for the implementation of basin management.

​This important event brought together the INBO Global Liaison Office to highlight the crucial role of Integrated Water Resources Management by basin to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. It mainly aims to promote an operational approach to integrated water resources management (IWRM) at the basin level, to exchange with basin management partners and stakeholders on the INBO action plan for the period 2024- 2027, as well as to present the new actions and priorities of the regional networks.

Through his speech delivered on this occasion, Mr. Nizar Baraka recalled that climate change which is hitting hard in many parts of the globe imposes increasing challenges on water managers to ensure water and food security. Therefore, (IWRM) is increasingly becoming a key tool promoting the development and coordinated management of water, territories and related resources in the face of imposed climate challenges.

Thus, the Minister specified that basin organizations constitute platforms and bodies for multi-actor coordination and consultation at the local level, particularly in a context full of uncertainties. Therefore, these basin organizations and their partners and stakeholders at the basin level are called upon to work in a participatory spirit of integrated water management and synergy to prioritize actions and implement them collectively in order to meet the growing needs in water while preserving it. And to continue: “INBO has this important task of supporting basin organizations in improving IWRM and drawing up guidelines for the years to come, particularly within the framework of its future 2024 action plan -2027, in preparation”.

At the end of his speech, the Minister of Equipment and Water launched an appeal to the water community and the various partners to become more involved in the process of preparing the INBO action plan. , in favor of an effective implementation of IWRM at the basin level and to achieve the sustainable development objectives and especially the 2030 Water Agenda, in a context of climate change.​

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