Tetouan..Police investigate the tragic death of a mother and 3 of her children in Beni Hassan

Ismaïl Bouyakoubi – Heba Press

The Royal Gendarmerie of the province of Tetouan has opened an investigation into the tragedy which shook the Beni Hassan region after the discovery of a mother who died with three of her children in circumstances that are still mysterious.

According to “Heba Press” sources, preliminary data indicates that the mother could not bear the shock of the death of three of her children inside the family home following a carbon monoxide leak. carbon, she therefore decided to end her life by hanging. in a tragic scenario that shook the population of the community and the province of Tetouan as a whole, while no news was released. There is no official confirmation from authorities regarding this story.

It should be noted that one of the neighborhoods in the Beni Hassan region, on the outskirts of Tetouan, was shaken yesterday Wednesday by the death of three children and their mother, while local authorities and gendarmes moved to place and opened an investigation under the control of the competent public prosecutor in order to determine the circumstances and circumstances of the incident.

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