Collective wedding ceremony at the National School of Administration and Judiciary. A unique initiative that only takes place in Burkina Faso and nowhere else. Morocco must follow suit

HIBAPRESS-RABAT-According to Burkina 24

The National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM) organized on Thursday, May 30, 2024 in Ouagadougou, a collective wedding ceremony for the enarques and its staff. This initiative aims to provide legal protection to couples, to enable them to comply with the law and to secure their families.

A total of 19 students from the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM) got married. The organization of this collective marriage, according to the CEO of ENAM Dr Jacob Yarabatioula, aims to promote marriage as a social institution among enarques and encourage all student civil servants to regularize their situation to ensure good social protection for their offspring.

“We want to encourage our colleagues and all of our students to make marriage a sacred institution. We must always take initiatives, organize ourselves to live legally and in compliance with the law. The law that we teach here to our enarques. So that’s why we also thought that we must do education, promote civil marriage or even the recognition by our law that they are a couple and set an example wherever they are because that they are enarques,” he explained.

Moreover, the initiative was strongly welcomed by the godmother of the ceremony, Fatoumata Bako/Traoré Minister Delegate in charge of the budget. She maintained that this will contribute to the achievement of ENAM’s main mission which is “Train well to serve better”.

“The stability that marriage brings creates conditions for properly training personnel who will thus be able to better serve the State, its branches and all the structures for which the enarques are required to work,” she maintained.

In addition to this, Bassolma Bazié Minister of State, responsible for the public service, labor and social protection, patron of the ceremony, noted that this collective marriage indicates to what extent the State is responsible and concerned about the future of his agents. Notwithstanding, he informed that the government is working to legally recognize traditional marriage.

“The reflection that is being carried out at the Council of Ministers is to review the family code, not to cancel administrative marriages which are recognized as legal, but to go beyond by ensuring that all the conditions are created so that traditional marriages are legally recognized. This will allow us to anchor ourselves more in our sources, it will also avoid those who are afraid of coming before the law because it is the law which is represented here to make the marriage”, underlined the boss of the ceremony.

As for the newlyweds, they praised the ENAM initiative which represents for them insurance for their offspring. “Words fail me, I am happy. I say thank you to ENAM because the initiative saves women, it saves a lot of couples, a lot of families,” appreciated Nadège Aïcha Sawadogo/Ouarmé, one of the bride and groom of the day.

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