Fennecs/ Not called the day before the 2 qualifying matches for the 2026 World Cup: Mahrez-Vladimir Petrovic standoff, Press and FAF. Who is right?


Clearly in Algeria, we are very resentful and never grateful to our Champions

Indeed, the Fennecs team captain Riyad Mahrez, who until then was the star par excellence, the darling and idol of all Algerians… is currently undergoing an unreserved attack from all sides and the Press is adding more than it soothes

For his part, Riyad Mahrez deplored his absence from the list, unveiled last Thursday, of 25 players selected by coach Vladimir Petrovic for the next two qualifying matches for the 2026 World Cup.

“It was important to me to be present, I obviously respect the choice of the coach but I take note of this decision,” wrote Riyad Mahrez, 33, on X.

The Bosnian coach of the Algeria team summoned on Thursday a group of 25 players for the next two qualifying matches for the 2026 World Cup, in which the former star of the Fennecs, who played in 2023-2024 at Al-Ahli in Saudi Arabia, after five seasons spent at Manchester City.

Algeria must face Guinea on June 6 in Algiers then Uganda on June 10 on the road.

“The case of Mahrez is important. I read the press, and we talked in March. At that time, Mahrez asked not to participate,” explained Mr. Petkovic, quoted by local media.

“We agreed that as soon as he was ready, he would contact me. I included Mahrez in the expanded list, but having received no calls from him, I consider him not ready to return. The door always remains open to him,” he added during a press conference.

“I have neither received calls from the coach nor from the Federation. I had a little discomfort in my knee, so I opted for rest during the last two championship matches in order to be operational for these two confrontations for the 2026 World Cup, oh so important,” said Riyad Mahrez. .

The latter had already not been called up for two friendly matches played against Bolivia and South Africa in March.

His last appearance in the Algerian jersey dates back to the last African Cup of Nations, in Ivory Coast, where he was very disappointing and did not weigh on the performance of the Fennecs eliminated in the first round.

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