Tangier…development of the investigation into a family…who killed the father and buried his body in the wall of his house since 2018

Heba Press – Tangier Office

The investigating judge at the Court of Appeal of Tangier decided, today Monday, the detention of six people in the local prison of Asilah pending the investigation into the case of ” having killed a man six years ago and hid his body by burying it in the prison wall.” a residential apartment in the Tangier-Bali area.

The case involves a woman and five adults. They were placed in the local prison of Asilah pending the end of the investigation after investigators discovered that the woman, the wife of the deceased, and their son were suspected of having committed the crime which shook the local and national public opinion. notice.

It should be noted that the state service of the Judicial Police of the city of Tangier opened, on Saturday June 1, a judicial investigation under the direction of the competent public prosecutor’s office, with a view to determining the circumstances, circumstances and context of the death. of a person whose body was found buried in the wall of his house in the Tangier Bali region.

According to preliminary information from the investigation, the body of the deceased was accidentally discovered during the preliminary search, as well as that of his wife and four of his children, who were arrested in a case related to possession and possession. promotion of drugs and psychotropic substances. raised regarding the disappearance of the husband in suspicious circumstances and with a criminal record.

In-depth research and technical expertise revealed the disappearance of the husband, absent for six years under suspicious circumstances. His body was found and exhumed after his family members buried him in a cement wall of a house in . the Tangier-Bali area.

The body of the deceased, which had been subjected to almost complete decomposition, was deposited at the mortuary for a medical autopsy aimed at determining the cause of death and revealing its true circumstances, while his wife and children carried out the subject of a judicial investigation, carried out under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor, in order to ascertain the circumstances and circumstances surrounding this matter.

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