As part of the 68th anniversary of the foundation…

As part of the 68th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Armed Forces, His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist Him, today sent the “Royal Message” to the Royal Armed Forces, paying tribute to the efforts made by the army following the earthquake in the Al Hoceïma region.

The text of the Royal Message reads:

Praises to God, prayers and greetings to the Prophet, his family and his companions.
Officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers,

On this memorable day of the 68th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Armed Forces, our hearts are filled with pride and gratitude, for ourselves and for the Moroccan nation as a whole, towards all the components of our valiant land, air, maritime and the Royal Gendarmerie. As Supreme Commander and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces, this is an opportunity for us to renew our goodwill and satisfaction towards you, and to express our gratitude for the sacrifices you make with dedication and self-sacrifice in the service of territorial integrity and the protection of national borders.

We recall with all respect and admiration the historical milestones reached by our Royal Armed Forces, evoking with humility the pioneering roles of the late sovereigns, His Majesty King Mohammed V may God rest his soul and his successor, His Majesty the King Hassan II may God rest his soul, so that this institution continues its historical journey as a solid rampart for this faithful country.

Officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers,

The accomplishment of the crucial missions incumbent on you in the defense of national integrity and the protection of territorial unity, as well as your constant efforts in the service of your country in various military, security, humanitarian, social and educational fields, in plus your close commitment to the spirit of responsibility and seriousness, make you an example to follow in terms of dedication and contribution.

Our objective is that the Royal Armed Forces remain faithful to their traditional values ​​and ancestral traditions, capable of nobly fulfilling their missions in the defense of the homeland and citizens in the best conditions, and that our institutions, schools and educational centers continue to strengthen our Royal Armed Forces with cohorts of national executives and military skills, officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers, qualified to assume their responsibilities with competence and excellence.

In this context, we salute the remarkable work accomplished by our Armed Forces in defending our territorial integrity with dedication and loyalty to the Green March, as well as our vigilant soldiers at the land, air and maritime borders of the Kingdom, also highlighting the commitment total of our military contingents in peacekeeping operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic, in full engagement with the efforts of the United Nations to restore peace and security in these two brotherly countries.

Officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers,

The world today is experiencing worrying tensions and unprecedented rapid transformations, manifested by confrontations and changing alliances, as well as increasing risks of war in different regions of the world. These circumstances have made inevitable the need to reconsider the concepts of security and defense, as well as the adaptation of programs and strategies to growing threats and challenges, which requires monitoring and adapting to this situation.

This is why, His Majesty our King attaches great importance to the development of the capabilities of the Royal Armed Forces in all their components, by providing them with all modern technological means and the necessary equipment through training and qualification programs for personnel. , while developing integrated plans guaranteeing permanent operational availability and strengthening their defensive capabilities in all situations.

In this regard, we have given instructions to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of training programs and military training programs for all soldiers at all levels, in order to inject new dynamics into the systems and means of teaching, and to adapt them to new developments by adopting renewed thinking and adopting innovative approaches in the fields of science, technology and artificial intelligence.

With the aim of developing the higher military training system, we have ordered the creation of a new headquarters for the Royal Academy of Higher Military Studies, as an integrated university center, welcoming all higher military training schools for officers of the army, air force, navy and Royal Gendarmerie, guaranteeing a complete education in accordance with modern programs and techniques and open to the continental and international space.

Officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers,

The unprecedented commitment of our youth to respond to the call of the homeland within the framework of military service, which has given very positive results since its resumption, reflects the continued success of this operation which we have decided to transform into a national workshop opened according to a new perspective of training and professional qualification, reconciling the strengthening of the feeling of belonging to the homeland and the sense of responsibility, and the opening of the doors to the future and integration for young Moroccans physically, scientifically and technically qualified to contribute effectively to the economic renaissance and development of the country.

In addition to all this, we welcome the promising results obtained by these young men and women, in terms of determination, resolution, generosity and conformity, after their integration into the ranks of the Armed Forces.

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