Handball: Moutada Derb Soltane Al Fida holds his coronation.


The Moutada derb Soltane Al Fida club finally holds its title of champion of Morocco. It took around twenty years for the children of this emblematic district of Casablanca to celebrate a well-deserved coronation, deserved by so much effort, of perseverance and patience to finally taste the joy and happiness of rising to the tune of Moroccan Handball.

This success is due to the work of an entire team of managers headed by a strategist and a fine connoisseur of the small ball. We will say what we want, or write all the nonsense we want, Lyazid Souadi built a group, he created a dynamic and motivated an entire neighborhood around a club.

Today, he and his staff and players can be proud to have given joy and happiness to an entire population of this historic district, historic for its men who marked the history of the country.

Lyazid, whom many decry, was able to give to Moroccan Handball that no one before him was able to give. With him, Handball is currently paving its way towards a better future as long as we let it work.

Certainly he is an atypical character, grumpy, severe, grumpy but just with a heart like that.

These are hardly praises or flowers that are being thrown at him, it is simply a pure and simple observation.

Congratulations to the Moutada club, its staff, its players and all those who contributed to making this team a reference and an example to follow

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