Despite the crisis, Moroccans are flocking to buy new cars, especially luxury cars.

“There is a crisis”, “The situation is blocked”, “I have no money” are expressions that resonate strongly in Moroccan society wherever we go, in the context of the economic crisis and high cost of living.

But among the surprising paradoxes, while the economic crisis dominates current discussions, economic reports indicate that Moroccans purchased new cars, including luxury cars, in large numbers during the first months of this year.

In this regard, the Association of Vehicle Importers in Morocco published a report confirming that around 65,000 Moroccans purchased new cars during the first five months of this year.

According to the same report, total new car sales in Morocco reached 64,918 units at the end of May 2024, an increase of 1.39% compared to the same period in 2023.

According to monthly statistics from the Association of Vehicle Importers in Morocco, the number of new registrations of passenger cars showed a drop of 0.29% with 58,193 units registered, while the number for light commercial vehicles reached 6 725 units, an increase of 18.82%.

The association published the ranking of the best-selling brands on the Moroccan market, including luxury cars which continued to increase in sales in the automotive sector in Morocco despite their high cost.

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