Taroudant: Drug traffickers employ children and transform a “cemetery” into a contraband warehouse

There is a serious threat to the children of the territorial community “Idawummen”, administratively attached to the prefecture of Taroudant, where there are drug traffickers belonging to the so-called “Alwa”, the shooter of the Taima children, now arrested. at Ait Melloul prison, employ local children in drug trafficking or assign them “guard” tasks in A hideous picture of exploitation of these people, threatening their educational future, against a backdrop of failure of the authorities local authorities, as well as gendarmerie services at Compagnie Taroudant, to arrest this gang and its members and bring them to justice.

Local sources revealed to the newspaper that despite residents’ complaints to the authorities, the situation is getting worse day by day and everyone who complains finds the gang lurking there, until the situation resembles a Latin American gang cartel.

In addition to the harm that this gang has caused to the living, even the “dead” have not been spared after working, recently, to transfer its criminal activity from the Zaouia Sidi Taher community to the territorial community of Adaoummen, where a vast territory. expanse of land adjacent to the Souss valley, and they settled at the Ait A poor man roundabout, where they transformed the cemetery of the Muslim dead into a drug storage place.

This abnormal situation has contributed to the increase in the phenomenon of “crying”, as a number of women in the region have been dispossessed of their property under the threat of sharp weapons, particularly from gang members who use motorcycles in their operations and move from areas to drug trafficking locations. traffic sites.

What is strange, according to the newspaper’s sources, is a situation that forces the regional command of the gendarmerie, which has worked to eliminate the roots of the main drug suppliers in many of its operations, to open a investigation into how a judicial control for its members of the Taroudant Company, which was at the entrance to a secondary road of the Adoumoumen group, was transformed into regional road no. 1708, bordering the Oulad Ibrahim zone, over a distance estimated at 350 meters, considering that the change of point of this judicial barrier allowed drug traffickers and gangs to circulate freely in the area.

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