The Italian community complains about high transport prices between the ports of Genoa and Tangier

Abdel Latif El-Baz – Heba Press

It appears that the summer of the Moroccan community flocking to the Kingdom’s soil from Italy will be difficult after many Italian Moroccans complained about increased traffic rates through ports connecting the southern coasts of the Italy and the north of the Kingdom, particularly between ports. from Genoa and Tangier, without explanation.

Numerous testimonies collected by the electronic newspaper Heba Press affirm that “transport through the port of Genoa and the port of Tanger Med, for two adults and three children, formerly cost 2,000 euros, while this year it has become equal to 4,000 euros. The same testimonies add that “many families were forced to stay in Italian homes due to this unjustified increase”.

The same sources add that “Moroccan families contacted those responsible for the sector in vain”, considering the sums of money taken from the Moroccan community wishing to meet the homeland and the various members of the family as “stolen”.

In this regard, Fatma Khalouk, president of the Italian-Moroccan Forum for Bilateral Relations, explained that “the problem repeats itself every year in the absence of the necessary control and weak competition which reinforces the level of transparency”, adding that even at the level of air transport, “Morocco is considered among the most expensive countries”.

Khalouk added, in a statement to the online newspaper Heba Press, that “the Moroccan community faces many difficulties when they wish to visit their country, especially in summer when the prices of maritime and land transport increase considerably,” stressing that “those who If you want to travel by bus, you will in turn find exorbitant prices in “Waiting for them”.

The same spokesperson estimated that “maritime transport prices are set at the legal level”, and she did not hesitate to ask the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and its counterpart for Equipment and Transport to intervene to protect the interests of Moroccans in Italy. .

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