Bilbao: Mobile consulate for Moroccans in “Pontepedra” in the “Galicia” region

Heba Press

Friday April 26 and Saturday April 27, the Consulate General of the Kingdom organized a mobile consulate for Moroccans from “Pontepedra – Galicia”.

This mobile consulate is part of bringing together consular services for Moroccans around the world far from the consular center and allowing them to achieve their administrative objectives without needing to travel to the representative office under whose territorial influence the consulate is located. center. about 640 kilometers away.

Services provided by the consulate included issuing passports, national identity cards and court documents, in addition to providing administrative consultations to a number of Moroccan immigrants.

The Consul General, Sidi Mohamed Beidallah, who led a delegation of employees to the Galicia region and closely supervised the administrative process, held a series of meetings on the sidelines of the visit, the most important of which was a meeting of work with the mayor of Pontepedra, during which both parties discussed the conditions of the Moroccan community and its integration into Spanish society.

As for the other meeting, it was organized by Moroccan associations active in the “Galicia” region, during which they discussed several problems facing members of the Moroccan community and the extent of the reactivity of the missions consular services and their follow-up in the face of the enormous quantity of requests. requests for administrative services, particularly in light of the new appointment system put in place two years ago by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which reduced congestion inside consulates and blocked the door to brokers and to traffickers in the case of members of the Moroccan community.

The Consul General confirmed during a call to Heba Press that these mobile consulates are at the heart of the high royal recommendations which always insist on improving services and bringing them closer to Moroccan immigrants wherever they go, recording great satisfaction from the staff. service and employees. .

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