Exceptional international boxing event in Nador which hosts “Boxing night”


Today Friday June 7, 2024, the atmosphere in Nador is already full of enthusiasm and positive expectations for a major sporting event, since the city will host tomorrow an international boxing meeting, organized by the Othman, Mohamed Boxing Associations Ali and Rif Youth Boxing in Nador and which constitutes an important step towards the development of boxing in the region and the strengthening of its position at the national and international levels.

So tomorrow, Saturday at the Nador Indoor Sports Hall, from 4 p.m., is the long-awaited advent in Nador where many residents have expressed their great satisfaction with this prestigious boxing festival.

In an interview, Ammar Benamar, founder of Al Fath Sports Nador and sports enthusiast in Nador, said: “It is a great opportunity to see local and international talents compete in our favorite sport. I hope that the event will be well attended and will contribute to spreading the culture of sport among young people, especially those from Nador where we hope that this approach can open up the dreams of all young people so that they can become interested. more to sport and discover the virtues in particular of boxing, the Noble Art. »

For his part, Mr. Mustapha El Kabous, MRE living in Belgium, underlined the importance of this type of event for the development of the skills of young boxers especially those from Nador: “Events like this give young players a chance to learn from the best boxers and give their best in the ring,” he added.

Other boxing enthusiasts also expressed their full support for the event. “Holding such international events in our city is an incredible thing. Such events contribute to the revitalization of the economic movement in the city because “Sporting events attract many visitors and necessarily launch the local economy by increasing the demand for hotels, restaurants, shops, while working for effective knowledge of the Culture of the Region

Boxing fans, as well as a number of internationally known sporting figures, will attend the event. An evening where the primary opportunity is to promote sporting cooperation and the exchange of experiences between local and international athletes.

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