Has Walid Regragui become a sacrosanct? The FRMF media unit, a real aberration


While the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) lives at the pace of development at different levels, thanks to the great work of its president Faouzi Lekjaa, the FRMF media cell has become an aberration.

National coach Walid Regragui’s press conference before the Zambia match was met with chaos after accreditation was given to people who have nothing to do with journalism, and the media coordinator of the FRMF, under the coordination of CAF, responded in an “insulting” and unprofessional manner to the intervention of one of the journalists present.

The backward nature of the FRMF media unit, with CAF, continued during the press conference which followed the match against Zambia, since the conference was conducted in a haphazard manner, without respecting the precedence in choosing interventions based on their size, which caused further disorder after some journalists expressed their displeasure at being ignored by the conference coordinator, who did not give them the opportunity to ask relevant questions to national coach Walid Regragui.

The FRMF media cell has become out of sync with the developments of the national teams, in addition to publishing consumer articles on national team news, without following the development of the media cells of the national teams of different countries, especially those who are neighbors of our country.

It seems that the time has come for a radical change in the media unit of the FRMF, and the appointment of skills capable of assuming this responsibility, so that the support is at the level of the aspirations of Moroccan supporters and at the level of the development of the FRMF.

It seems that the media coordinator is trying to avoid valid questions which criticize the management of the matches by the national coach and make him responsible for the decline in the level of the national team in the last matches. This led fans to wonder, “Has Regragui become sacrosanct?”

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