South Africa/the terrible fall of President Cyril Ramaphosa: Causes and effects


The ANC fell 30 years after the first post-apartheid election, when South Africans decided to free themselves from the liberators and their slogans

Certainly, the fall of Mandela’s all-powerful ruling Party may surprise some, except that it was predictable for South African politicians.

Indeed, this setback has multiple reasons, since the general record of the ANC is poor after three decades of management. And it is not only the incessant power cuts, the management of the “Covid pandemic” and the fall of the Rand which are at the origin of the fed up of the populations.

No! 34 years after the end of apartheid, the bosses of the African National Congress (ANC) failed to lift a significant number of blacks out of poverty, or BEE (Black Economic Empowerment), left the masses still in poverty. vegetating in the townships (ghettos).

On the international level, the ANC has managed rather well (BRICS, Palestine) but on the internal level, it is a great failure.

This establishes three things: 1. Revenge is a dish best served cold. 2. Corruption does not bother Africans. Someone who launches his campaign by saying that he is going to fight corruption is not going to get very far in Africa. Many Africans have nothing against corruption. They just want to benefit from it. 3. The spirits of the Marikana massacres in 2012 finally made Cyril Ramaphosa pay for what is an unforgivable mistake and an indelible stain.

Also, the departure of President Ramaphosa from the head of the country is certain!

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