Muay-thai world championships: Morocco wins 5 medals, including 3 gold


The Moroccan muay-thai selection won 5 medals, three gold, one silver and one bronze, during the World Championships, which are held from May 30 to June 10 in the Greek city of Patras.

The precious metal of Morocco during this event, organized by the International Muay-Thai Federation, was the work of Khaoula Daakani (+75 kg), Soumia Tlaoui (-71 kg) and Khelthoum Akhlouf (-48 kg).

The silver medal was won by Douaa Akhlouf (-60 kg), while Mohamed Yassine Mahssoune won the bronze medal (-67 kg).

The national elements were supervised by the coach Lahcen Ouassou and the coach of the national team, Jaouad Khouya.

Moroccan refereeing was also represented at these Worlds by Hicham Jouabri and Mustapha Ghename.

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