493,651 candidates take the 2024 Baccalaureate exams


The tests for the unified national Baccalaureate examination for the 2023-2024 school year began on Monday, in the different provinces and prefectures of the Kingdom, all sectors combined, with some 493,651 candidates, including 373,374 school students and 120,277 independent candidates. .

The tests will continue until June 13, while the catch-up session will take place on July 10, 11, 12 and 13, indicated the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports in a press release, specifying that the Results of this session will be announced on June 26 and those of the make-up session on July 19.

Private school education represents 13% of the total number of enrolled candidates, noted the same source, adding that the candidates are divided into different sectors as follows: 64% in the scientific and technical sectors, 35% in the literary and original sectors, and 1% in professional sectors.

To ensure the success of this operation, the ministry ensures that it has mobilized the various stakeholders and taken all the necessary organizational and logistical measures so that the tests take place in the best conditions.

Thus, 1,833 examination centers were made available, including 28,549 examination rooms, with the mobilization of 49,000 invigilators, 1,833 observers and 40,000 correctors.

In total, 765 subjects were prepared for the ordinary and remedial sessions, including 333 subjects adapted to candidates with disabilities, indicates the press release which also mentions the publication of a ministerial decree relating to the procedures of the organization of the baccalaureate exams, in addition to the commissioning of the electronic version of the guide for candidates to enable them to find out about the legal and organizational aspects and all the new features that marked this session.

Thus, several educational and organizational measures have been taken throughout this school year to enable students to acquire basic knowledge and to prepare as best as possible for the baccalaureate exams, in particular through the development of a national plan for the management of school time and the educational organization of learning, the adaptation of school programs for all levels and the publication of updated reference frameworks for certifying exams, recalls the press release.

The ministry also launched a national academic support program, a free measure intended for students with the aim of consolidating the knowledge acquired throughout the year and reinforcing the principle of equal opportunities.

In addition, measures were launched aimed at psychological support, support for candidates in their preparation within the framework of group sessions as well as the awareness campaign against fraud in national exams.

The baccalaureate exams are taking place this year in a context marked by important developments, notably the digitization of the baccalaureate certificate and the modernization of the management methods for national exams.

In this regard, an integrated system for the secure transportation of baccalaureate examination subjects has been developed and managed in order to guarantee the complete security of baccalaureate examination subjects and avoid academies having to travel to collect them, with the adoption of electronic secret codes for the written tests of baccalaureate candidates, the aim being to strengthen the credibility and reliability of the results.

The inclusion of the candidate’s national electronic identity card number in the baccalaureate certificate is another measure which is part of the efforts made to integrate new communication technologies into the management of the system. educational and therefore the improvement of electronic services for the benefit of candidates.

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