Eid al-Adha..The Moroccan Consulate in Utrecht knocks on the door of the retirement home

Tariq Abla – Netherlands

Buthaina Al-Kardoudi Al-Kalali, Consul General in Utrecht, made a field visit to the headquarters of the “Dar Al-Amana” Foundation for the care of the elderly, which brings together a group of members of the Moroccan community, men and women. women, whose health, social or family circumstances have forced them to be present in this institution, as part of an approach aimed at alleviating this burden. The category coincides with Eid al-Adha.

In her speech on this occasion, Buthaina Al-Kurdoudi highlighted the importance of this visit, which was carried out in coordination with the “Tamgrabit” association, which aims to closely monitor the reality of this group and inspect their conditions , and to maintain the links. of kinship and communicate with them in harmony with the teachings of our true religion and the royal vision of the wise king of the land.

The same speaker added that this visit is not only dictated by a professional duty, but rather constitutes a sincere gesture to honor this group as an integral part of the Moroccan community residing in the Netherlands, as well as to take care of them , support it and interact. with her, on the occasion of this celebration which symbolizes sacrifice, giving and solidarity, and constitutes a precious opportunity to promote bonds of love and compassion between all components of Moroccan civil society.

Buthaina Al-Kardoudi also praised the diligent and serious work carried out by the employees of the “Dar Al Amana” Foundation to ensure the care of these elderly people in the best conditions and their firm commitment to providing them with a safe environment. and united. which preserves their dignity and is consistent with their authentic Moroccan culture and tolerant Islamic faith, emphasizing that the Consulate General We are fully prepared to assist these individuals in renewing their identity documents as part of the rapprochement of the administration of citizens and the simplification of consular procedures and administrative procedures, noting that it is up to Moroccan civil society, including relevant associations and organizations, to listen to this category of Moroccans, respond to their needs and cooperate in… Among them, ensuring permanent care for her, respect for her rights and the preservation of her dignity.

The meeting was also an opportunity to listen to the presentation made by Samira Moussaoui, the head of the center, on the humanitarian and health services provided to elderly followers of the Islamic religion, a large part of whom are Moroccans. She explained that the reception of these people at the center is based on the recommendations of the treating doctors, given that they suffer from disabilities and degenerative neurological disorders which make it difficult for them to be taken care of by their families and treated at home in due to the lack of sanitary conditions. necessary in such cases. She emphasized that “these people receive almost daily visits from their families and are cared for by qualified and specialized staff in the fields of nursing, speech therapy and nutrition, who work together to provide the best services health to these people. the elderly. »

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