Oujda.. A fire destroys 30 stores in a popular market

Heba Press – Oujda

A fire broke out this morning, Wednesday June 19, in one of the popular markets located in the Mir Ali district/Si Lakhdar district, causing material losses in many businesses in the market (food stores and furniture stores ).

The fire destroyed more than 30 shops and also created a state of panic and fear among residents adjacent to the market.

Immediately after hearing the news, civil prevention officers went to the scene and, thanks to the efforts of their members, they were able to extinguish the fire. Local authorities also arrived and members of the scientific and technical police began an investigation to determine. the causes of the outbreak of the fire.

The main cause of the fire has not been determined, while some testimonies attribute the cause to a conflict that occurred yesterday between a group of young men from the aforementioned neighborhoods, which could be at the origin.

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