The trial of two women in France, accused of “defamation” for claiming that first lady Brigitte Macron was transsexual, has begun.

According to the “France Presse” agency, Brigitte Macron filed a defamation action in 2022 against two women who broadcast an interview on YouTube in December 2021, claiming that the French first lady was once a man named “Jean Michel”.

This accusation became widespread ahead of the 2022 French presidential elections.

The trial comes as intense election campaigns take place ahead of snap parliamentary elections called by President Emmanuel Macron after far-right gains in European parliamentary elections.

Amandine Roux, who describes herself as a spiritual medium, appeared in court in Paris to answer questions about an interview she gave to independent journalist Natasha Re, who was unable to attend the hearing due to of illness.

Roux, 49, conducted a four-hour interview with Re on her YouTube channel, in which the journalist spoke about “state lies” and “deception” that she claimed to have exposed.

Roux said the journalist was desperate to share her findings, noting that she “reluctantly agreed to his request.”

As for the credibility of the allegations, Roux insisted that Re had “spent three years of research, it wasn’t like she pulled it out of nowhere.”

Roux said “I’m sorry this topic wasn’t raised by the mainstream media and looked into,” adding that she couldn’t “hide” such a “serious” topic.

The president, 46, and the first lady, 71, did not attend the court hearing.

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