Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz, US Cultural Attaché in Rabat, during Tibu Africa’s “International Excange”: managing mutual learning and collaboration activities and establishing meaningful connections through sport


The US Embassy and Tibu are on the same course of action to create, program and lead several workshops and other training or humanitarian sessions for young Moroccans in direct contact with young people from the USA, particularly within the framework of the entrepreneurship, sports management, innovation, social entrepreneurship, sports marketing, and the development of innovative economic models.

There is therefore a whole dynamic going on around the organization of workshops, sporting events, or an “International Exchange” under the banner of “Workshops an social sports entrepreneurship, Sessions on leveraging sports for social impact, which had just taken place yesterday with the added bonus of a Basketball meeting between Tibu Africa and VARSITY AC from Ohio, in the effective and generative presence of Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz, the Cultural Attaché of the USA in Rabat, characterized by full significance as to its sporting, friendly, fraternal and humanitarian scope and where the presence of Mr. Shahbaz was revealing in more than one way since he wanted to leave his mark on this participation of VARSITY because he was able to give this happy event a glow of hope and kindness which highlights the perspective of the USA for, above all, the victims of the Haouz, who will have to visit these days the entire VARSITY Delegation, knowing full well that the United States shares with TIBU the same feelings

“We are committed to sports diplomacy because the values ​​of teamwork and discipline apply not only to the playing field but to all facets of life. We are proud of Tibu Africa’s commitment not only to sport, but also to teaching civic engagement, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit to Moroccan and African youth.” declared Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz, Cultural Attaché of the US Embassy Morocco. “It is therefore our vision that Tibu Africa shares with the United States, and this is why we intend to achieve the most solid benefits for the youth of our two countries, for all of us in all areas”

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