I arrested two young men and photographed them naked. French police arrest Moroccan blogger

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French police have arrested a Moroccan blogger, accused of kidnapping, detention, aggravated violence, armed robbery and publication of video recordings linked to an intentional attack.

The newspaper Le Parisien reported that Moroccan blogger Salma Al-Mansouri arrested two young French men and subjected them to violence, filmed the attack on them and posted it on Snapchat.

In detail, Salma explained that she was in her house, located in the Montigny-les-Courmays district of Paris, before discovering the presence of two young men in front of her house preparing to set it on fire. carrying Molotov cocktails.

Salma added that she went out quickly and was able to arrest the two young men with the help of local youths, before taking them to her house, ordering them to undress and photographing them naked and tied up with plastic ties.

After that, the two young men managed to escape and went to the police station and filed a complaint against the Moroccan blogger. They also revealed that they had tried to burn down his house at the request of someone who had given them 300 euros.

Police arrested Salma Al-Mansouri, who admitted to her act and confirmed that she had attempted to defend herself due to the continued harassment she faced from competing influencers.

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