Concerning Moroccan immigrants.. Germany officially adopts law granting citizenship starting this week

Heba Press – Casablanca

After a long wait and years of waiting, Germany will officially begin to adopt a law relating to the naturalization of immigrants who have spent a certain period of time on its territory, subject to a set of required conditions and procedures.

In this regard, the new citizenship law approved by the German authorities, which includes a number of legal reforms for immigrants, will come into force from Thursday this week.

The new citizenship law in Germany will allow the naturalization of many immigrants in this European country, including Moroccan immigrants who are present in large numbers on German soil.

The new citizenship law, which Germany will begin implementing, includes a number of fundamental amendments, including reducing the period of residence required to apply for citizenship from eight years to just three years.

This new law, awaited by tens of thousands of immigrants in Germany, also includes procedures aimed at exempting certain categories from the obligation to take a language test, like the category of workers who immigrated to Germany in during previous periods.

It should be noted that obtaining German citizenship was not an easy task in the past, especially given the conditions, some of which were impossible for a number of Moroccans residing in this country. Note that the promulgation of this law was described by Parliament. The German opposition was seen as an election campaign for the ruling party, while the latter justified it by Germany’s desire for skills and workers.

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