The “Optimism your feed” playlist, curated by international influencers, will allow users to engage with optimistic and inspiring content on their social media feeds.

LG Electronics (LG) today launched a global campaign called “Optimism your feed”, which aims to help users bring more optimism to their social media experience by inviting them to proactively engage with positive and inspiring content on their news feeds.

“As a customer-centric brand, LG is a passionate champion of optimism. We aim to create positive changes in people’s lives by being intentional with our positive activities both online and in the real world,” said Kim Hyo-eun, Vice President and Head of the Management Division of the LG brand. In the era of AI, LG remains true to its steadfast promise of “Life’s Good”. We will continue to improve the lives of our customers with a human-centered approach, encouraging hope for a better future. »

A new global survey commissioned by LG found that social media is both a source of anxiety and a place where people turn for entertainment, to stay in touch with friends and family, and to find out about news. news and current events. According to the survey, almost half of respondents (45%) say their social media feeds consist of an equal or greater amount of negative content than positive content. One in four (28%) respondents say negative content in their social media feed has increased their anxiety and one in five (20%) say it has made them unhappy. Other studies also suggest that algorithms often favor negative and niche conversations.

The global survey aimed to understand the triggers that influence how algorithms work and how to increase positive content in your feed. The result is the “Optimism your feed” playlist, original content that, when interacted with, attracts more optimistic content to your feed. Optimism your feed” is part of LG’s global Life’s Good campaign, launched last year to inspire and encourage people to approach life with an optimistic attitude.

Created in collaboration with international influencers known for their optimism, such as Tina Choi, Victoria Browne, Josh Harmon and more, the “Optimism your feed” playlist collection includes more than 20 short-form videos, ranging from from motivation to good humor.

Additionally, LG consults with social media experts, including Professor Casey Fiesler, an information scientist and technology ethicist with a doctorate in human-centered computing. Ms. Fiesler conducts research and teaches in the areas of technology ethics, internet policy, and online communities. She has published articles on topics including social media content moderation and recommendation systems. She also educates the public on these topics as a content creator.

Social media has become an integral part of our lives and algorithms play a significant role in the content we see in these spaces. LG’s playlist and global campaign gives users the opportunity to see more positive and encouraging messages. By being more aware of what we choose to engage in, we can bring more optimism, balance and happiness into our lives.

According to Ms. Fiesler, “Recommendation algorithms determine what we see on social media by predicting the content we are likely to engage with. These algorithms can therefore direct us towards more and more specific niches – for better and for worse. Research has shown that if you’re not careful, users can go down negative rabbit holes and quickly come across harmful content. One of our first lines of defense must be to improve our digital literacy and pay more attention to how algorithms influence our online experiences. The good news is that we have some control over the data used for these algorithmic predictions; if we choose to engage with upbeat content, there’s a good chance we’ll see more of it.

Victoria Browne, global influencer and TEDx speaker, said: “Our social media algorithms can have a big impact on the content we see online, impacting our mental health. That’s why I’m passionate about Optimism your feed, and I hope people use this playlist as a basis to change their algorithm and encourage positivity in all aspects of their lives. Much of the stigma and difficulty in tackling mental health is because it is not seen. With this campaign we are saying that you should reach out to your friends and that we can help each other. Our algorithm should recommend content that makes us feel more connected to people, not less.”

The “Optimism your feed” playlist is available on LG’s global TikTok channel (@lge_lifesgood) and global YouTube channel (@LGGlobal). on various social media platforms through collaborations with influencers around the world. More details are available on the campaign page on lg.com (lg.com/lifesgood).

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