Medical student files: the government announces the dates of exams and the review of sanctions

The government revealed the latest news concerning the file of students of faculties of medicine and pharmacy in Morocco.

Government spokesperson Mustapha Baitas presented the measures taken following a ministerial meeting between the Minister of Health and Social Protection, the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, and the Minister Delegate to the Head of Government, responsible for relations with Parliament and government spokesperson, as well as the deans of the faculties of medicine and pharmacy and student representatives.

During this meeting, the government affirmed that it takes full responsibility for guaranteeing the quality of medical training in our country. He also insisted on the need for all parties, especially students and their parents, to assume their responsibilities, ensuring that this matter remains strictly educational and pedagogical.

Regarding immediate measures related to the holding of exams, Mustapha Baitas announced the opening of the spring session on June 26, and of the remedial session before the end of August, with the remedial exams of the first semester scheduled for next September.

The government also decided to make up for the hospital internship periods that were boycotted, to replace the zero grade with the grade obtained during the first semester’s remedial session, and to reexamine the sanctions in response to the initiative to pass exams.

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