It’s summer and it’s the time for bee and wasp stings… Discover the miracle cure to always have with you


In summer, it’s the season for bites of all kinds! Bees, wasps, bumblebees, horseflies, mosquitoes…

In stinging insects such as bees, wasps, bumblebees or horseflies, only females are equipped with a stinger. For what ? The answer is simple: the sting is none other than an ovipositor (egg-laying organ) modified during evolution to also serve as a weapon!

As males do not lay eggs, they do not need a stinger. In any case, they rarely leave the hive or nest, too busy carrying out their main mission: reproduction.

If, despite your precautions, you are stung during a walk or a picnic, here are the instructions for limiting the damage and immediately relieving the pain.

-If the stinger remains planted (case of the bee), slide a nail or a card under the venom pocket and pop it with a sharp blow. Do not use forceps which will squeeze the gland and inject more venom.

-Bring a heat source to the sting for a few seconds, as close as possible without burning yourself. This is where the famous cigarette comes in, but a lighter or a match will also do the trick!

The heat will denature the venom proteins and stop the pain almost instantly.

At the same time, disinfect the wound well. You never know where the insect has dragged its stinger before attacking you…

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