Two dead and six injured in the explosion of a gas cylinder in Tangier

Hibapress / MAP

Two women were killed and six other people were injured, more or less seriously, in the explosion of a small gas cylinder in a house in Haoumat Al Haddad, in the Beni Makada district, in Tangier.

The explosion caused a fire which broke out in this four-story residence where a single family resides, we learned from local authorities in the Tangier prefecture.

As soon as they were informed of the tragedy, the local authorities and the security and civil protection services rushed to the scene of the explosion and carried out the evacuation of the injured to the Mohammed V hospital in Tangier and the extinction fires.

The explosion caused cracks in the damaged building, which were inspected by a joint commission in order to determine the necessary preventive measures, the same source added, noting that, initially, the building was evacuated of its occupants as a precaution, and its perimeter was then sealed off in order to prevent possible risks.

An investigation was opened, under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office, with a view to determining the causes and circumstances of the accident.

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