The Algerian Regime between wounds of the past, libido dominandi and vassalage!

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By clinging to a single constant, in this case trying to contain Morocco, the Algerian regime has not only reached a political aporia in the sense that its approach reaches the limit of rationality, but also initiated a process of scuttling of a state prefabricated by France from Charles X to De Gaulle.
Indeed, the more than surly attitude of the military junta with its civilian facade has never ceased to animate the minds in the alcoves of Algiers. The only difference, however, remains quite simply a question of style and manner: for example, the Algerian leaders until the late Bouteflika had kept, it must be recognized, a certain education, a certain class,
probably borrowed during their stay in Moroccan cities like Oujda. Other times, other customs, those currently responsible perfectly embody this galloping return of an instinctive nature bordering on bestiality.
From this perspective, without much risk of being wrong, I think that the keys to understanding the modes of operation of the Algerian regime lie in the psychological component, especially since its current leaders have stripped away the veneer of the superego: they think about loud, even very loud, act without filter and offer themselves naked.

Here are some highlights:
1- The fictional tutelary saint of the Republic
Some people notice that the current president of the Algerian Republic, democratic and popular, despite his blatant incompetence in the matter, strives to draw, from the annals of history, fanciful tales that would make the brothers blush. Grimm. These distorted narratives are often created from scratch, just to heal the great Algerian wound, namely the non-existence of a sovereign Algerian State before 1962. Thus, the indescribable Mr. Tebboune never stops referring, for example, to Emir Abdelkader as tutelary saint and founding father of the modern Algerian state, which is
totally false.
At the start of his ride, Mr. President tried to return to the Amazigh roots of Algeria, but he withdrew at MAK 2 speed: Aghroum n’tadount is still on the political-identity board of the host Ferhat M’HENI!
2- The litany of “Martyrs”
Any novice in marketing will tell you that good people remember round numbers more easily, ranging from the Hundred Flowers Campaign, Comrade Mao, the hundred steps on a thousand legs to a thousand thanks for a millefeuille… And we can leisure change the columns of the abacus to be able to win the million, as our neighbors to the South in the land of Chenguit and Trarza like to be
nicknamed “The Land of a Million Poets”. On this model, the first leaders of Algeria erected a legendary figure, a myth-list, a memorial brick: the Revolution cost the lives of 1 and a half million martyrs!
The emphasis is flamboyant in this mass sacrifice on the altar of freedom. However, for the current President and no less corrector of Algerian historiography, Pliny the Modern, it was clear that the count of the Ancients was not good, it was even far short of a reality that must be increased : the overused figures now advance, with all lightness of soul, five million six hundred
a thousand martyrs and dust. And in order to give credibility to the scoop, the mass media on duty remind us that the Ancients, with their rickety one and a half million deaths in combat, only counted the exercise from November 1, 1954 until July 5, 1962.
Fortunately, we had to wait for a Tebboune, Grand Helmsman before the Eternal and Little Father of peoples, who can and knows how to guide his Time Machine, and succeeds in adding up all the victims of French Colonization since 1830, despite the absence, among the natives, of any form of archives or civil status registers (hence the immensity of the feat: almost certain arithmetic result: these 5 million 632,000 martyrs. A hell of a blow ‘Fan, hilarious and immeasurable nonsense, it’s almost like Stalin when he declared: “the death of one man is a tragedy, the death of a million men is a statistic.”
In reality, the figures from the Ministry of Algerian Mujahideen hardly exceed half a million martyrs during the Algerian War.

3- Dominant libido
Consubstantially, this absence of coherence and real depth externalizes, via current attitudes, a profound decision-making ambivalence, between an atavistic vassalage well inscribed in the DNA of the regime, combined with a libido dominandi which puffs out the chest in an assumed desire to dominate the entourage, in the prism of Père-Fouettard: it works with the
Mali and Niger, and now Tunisia, but a little less with Mauritania and Libya, and not at all with the Kingdom of Morocco, in view of the class difference. It is again because of this desire for domination that the official Algerian media and their cohorts of so-called private megaphones qualify, with great fanfare, on the one hand with slogans such as: Algeria is a regional power , a country-continent, an army in the top X in the world, and on the other hand this psychotic desire plays out as a masquerade, wanting, at all costs, to display Spartan rigor and imperial strength. And the best example would be, in my opinion, the ridiculous exhibitions (at the Shaolin temple) of
bare-knuckle fights orchestrated and staged during the rowdy military parades which commemorated Algerian Independence Day on July 5: laughable, lamentable and pitiful.

4- Vassalage
Like Janus, there is, certainly the obverse, with the facade power (libido dominandi) and there is above all the fundamentally cowardly reverse, driven to the depths of the regime and which goes back, by synapses, very far, well before the Almoravids and the Almohads, without forgetting the vassalage to the Sublime Porte and the 132 years of French presence.
So we are no longer surprised by the actions of the Algerian junta against our Morocco which, for its part, has unbeatable assets for this part and an active soft power (which would need to be accelerated) while displaying a certain serenity, not to say a quiet strength, the fruit of historical continuity and a future to be built despite all the difficulties and stones
of stumbling.
And the latest avatar of this vassalage is, without a doubt, this search for a Russian or Chinese protective umbrella, and if possible even better, both within the framework of BRICS.
And as in “Criminal Minds”, beleaguered Algeria is ready to pay an entry fee of one and a half billion dollars to the Organization.
Ultimately, my deep compassion and friendship to the true Algerian people: to those who should have, thanks to the country’s riches, lived the “Dolce Vita”, but find themselves in an atmosphere of “Green Sun”: poverty doesn’t seem there yet, but misery is setting in. Be careful, the metronome is already moving.

* FPD SAFI Cadi AYYAD University

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