“Al-Mansouri” aims to eliminate “shanty towns” in Morocco by 2028

Well-informed sources revealed that Fatima-Zahra Mansouri, Minister of National Planning, Housing, and Urban Policy, is currently working on a plan to eradicate the remaining slums by 2028.

The same sources informed the electronic newspaper “Hiba Press” that the minister mobilized all the teams of her ministry to implement this program. So far, living conditions have been improved for about 44,000 families, with a significant acceleration in the process of improving housing.

The sources also specified that, for example, in just two years, the ministry has improved the living conditions of more than 22,000 families in the Skhirat-Temara region. The minister is working closely with real estate developers and all stakeholders involved in the elimination of informal construction to advance the work and completely eradicate this phenomenon.

Minister Fatima-Zahra Mansouri takes up the challenge of eliminating slums in Morocco by 2028, aiming to address the remaining cases affecting 120,000 families.

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