“Don’t talk to me about my son” expresses satisfaction with the upholding of the appeal judgment against the new Pedoville

The organization “Don’t Say My Son,” led by human rights activist Najat Anwar, expressed relief in a statement to Heba Press after the publication of a decision upholding Bedouville’s 20-year prison sentence on appeal for charges of sexual exploitation and human trafficking, the case the organization argued. As a civil party, the efforts of civil society and human rights organizations have joined forces to achieve justice. This is a judicial precedent that will deter anyone who has the right to violate the innocence of children and sexually exploit them.

In its report, the organization expressed its sincere thanks to Mr. Hisham Harthoun, lawyer at the Casablanca Authority, for his dedication so that the perpetrator of these crimes is justly punished and justice is rendered to the victims; And also to ladies and gentlemen journalists, men and women journalists, and to all the media and journalistic platforms that covered the stages of the case, in solidarity with the victims, and for their constant support for the organization and its struggles for the protection of children. and to fight against pedophilia; And all those involved in this case.

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