Arrest of three individuals for kidnapping and human trafficking


A joint operation carried out by elements of the judicial police of the cities of Fez and Nador made it possible to arrest, on Sunday, three people with criminal records (aged 35 to 41 years) for their alleged involvement in kidnapping cases, kidnapping, ransom demands, organization of illegal immigration operations and human trafficking.

The Fez police services have opened a judicial investigation following a complaint reporting the kidnapping and confinement of a person with a criminal record in Nador, the reasons for which are still under investigation, indicates a security source .

The perpetrators of this kidnapping demanded a ransom to release the kidnapped person, before coordination on the ground between the security services of Fez and Nador made it possible to identify the three suspects, who were arrested in the towns of Nador. and Beni Ensar.

The research and investigations carried out in the context of this case demonstrated that the suspects had released the victim before their arrest and that they were in full preparation for carrying out an irregular immigration operation for the benefit of the 22 candidates, including two girls and a minor, who were arrested inside a house in Nador, adds the same source.

The suspects and the candidates for illegal immigration were subjected to a judicial investigation carried out under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor's office to elucidate the ins and outs of this case and reveal the true motivations of the kidnapping and sequestration operation. , which would be linked to settling of scores between networks of organizers of irregular immigration operations.

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