The centers of “legitimate ruqyah” in Italy aim at profit and consolidation of witchcraft practices

Abdel Latif El-Baz – Heba Press

Many people do not like to look at the empty side of the cup, but hearts are full enough to denounce several phenomena that afflict society; How will we feel when in 2024 we continue to see incidents related to the so-called “slanderers”, some of whom are like human monsters attacking simple people, taking advantage of their ignorance and the triviality of certain beliefs? Even today, there are those who trust some charlatans active in some Islamic cultural centers, especially in northern Italy, and entrust them with the pleasure of their liver under the pretext of ridding it of jinn.

In Milan, Turin, Naples, in the city of Serinho or in other cities, the phenomenon of manipulation of feelings and bodies is still very widespread, under legal cover. Even if we assume that legal ruqyah exists in the heritage of Muslims, seclusion with a married or divorced woman, a young girl in the prime of life or a prostitute, under the pretext of ridding her of the hidden powers that she possesses or that she possesses prevents her from an assumed future, it takes a lot of stupidity to believe it.
The law does not protect fools, but it must be strictly enforced to close all cultural centers where satanic rituals or “false ruqyah” are practiced, because this type of crime harms the image of Muslims and the country before the world. What does it mean for foreign channels to broadcast reports under the title: “Legitimate censors blackmail women in Italy by photographing them naked”?

What kind of society makes women’s bodies visible to the world? What kind of society drags its women daily onto social media and instant messaging apps? Could it succeed in the presence of someone who trades in invisible goods, in plain sight?

Today’s world speaks the language of science, and there is no way to achieve any breakthrough except through precise scientific calculations in economics and development. As for the “knowledge of the unseen,” its knowledge belongs to God, the Blessed and Most High. Perhaps there is no longer room to talk about the righteous saints of God; But what is saddening is the presence of legions of those who obstruct and destroy the image of society, declaring their ability to combat envy and curse through their ignorance, backwardness, and stubbornness.

Of course, no one denies the existence of a divine blessing that God can encompass as many of His servants as He wishes, for those who believe in the existence of God, but ignorance is a curse, which requires strict legal intervention and societal vigilance to combat it, reject such practices and combat them by all legal means.

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