The high cost of plane tickets hits Parliament

Naima Al-Fathawi, member of the Parliamentary Group for Justice and Development, revealed that a number of Moroccans residing in European countries, the United States of America and Canada are unhappy and angry at the high prices Royal Air Maroc tickets, including flights linked to the summer months.

Al-Fathawi said, in an oral question addressed to the Minister of Transport and Logistics, that a number of community members residing in America and Canada have launched a massive campaign to express their dissatisfaction with the high prices of tickets (the number of signatories to a petition published last June on the “Change” website, specializing in submitting petitions and petitions, which reached 8,645 people), expressing their anger at the continued rise in prices of plane tickets with various airlines, which deprives them of traveling home. country and meet their families and friends.

She added that they called on relevant authorities, including the Ministries of Transport and Tourism, to intervene to reduce ticket prices to enable them to visit their countries, noting that the prices of plane tickets from Canada and from America to Morocco oscillate between 23 thousand dirhams and 26 thousand dirhams in summer, while their price is not less the rest of the months of the year is around 10 thousand dirhams, which has meant that the Moroccans in America, as well as Moroccans in Europe and around the world, unable to visit family and loved ones and connect communication bridges with the homeland due to high ticket prices.

Subsequently, Parliament asked the aforementioned minister to reveal the measures he will take to facilitate the return of Moroccans around the world under normal circumstances.

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