The Public Finance Control Commission votes by majority on the settlement law for the year 2022


The Public Finance Control Committee of the House of Representatives adopted by a majority the settlement bill No. 09.24 relating to the implementation of the Finance Law (LF) for the 2022 budget year, with the approval of 10 deputies and only one opposition.

Speaking on this occasion, the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Economy and Finance, responsible for the Budget, Fouzi Lekjaa, said that the government had taken care to reduce as much as possible the period between the adoption of the LF and the submission of the settlement law.

This process had reached a sufficient level of maturity to allow the future presentation of the settlement bill the year following the finance law, he noted.

This achievement is the result of continuous work and effective collaboration between the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Court of Auditors and Parliament, said Mr. Lekjaa, welcoming the particular interest given by the legislative institution to the discussion of draft settlement laws and its constant commitment to proceeding with the vote within reasonable time limits.

In this sense, the Minister stressed that the reform of the Organic Law relating to the Finance Law (LOF) aims to reduce these deadlines before December of the year following that of the budget year concerned, with a view to gradually reducing these deadlines until June, and to supervise the examination of the draft settlement law and its adoption by Parliament within one month after receipt.

To this end, he recalled that the ministry remains open to proposals from the legislative institution to move forward on the path of common institutional cooperation leading to the reform of the organic law.

Furthermore, Mr. Lekjaa affirmed that the reform and development processes, by their nature, require the accumulation of experiences over the terms of successive governments, noting that the Executive is continuing the reforms undertaken in several areas such as broadening the tax base, reforming compensation, establishing direct social assistance, as well as other projects strengthening the development process, under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

In response to the remarks of the deputies, the minister also addressed the subject of “innovative financing”, ensuring that this mechanism is intended to be an “irreversible” strategic economic choice that is part of the law. This financing, he specified, brought the State Treasury significant revenues amounting to 105 billion dirhams (MMDH).

Regarding the additional expenditure of civil servants in the 2022 Finance Law, Mr. Lekjaa said that the ministry did not exceed the provisions of the Finance Law, indicating that the credits opened by the government in the amount of 2.45 billion dirhams concern the settlement of arrears of promotions dating back to 2020 in the Departments of Education (2 billion dirhams), Health (320 million dirhams – MDH), Interior (50 MDH) as well as other Departments.

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