Tetouan.. The deterioration of services in the urban transport sector arouses the anger of the population

Hibapress/ Tetouan There is a deep sense of anxiety among the population of the city of Tetouan regarding the deterioration of the services provided by the urban transport sector, namely the existence of a very limited number of buses with a fairly degraded mechanical condition, at a time when thousands of users flock to the city and the suburbs whose population doubles in summer, which requires the addition of a large number of buses to fill the existing deficit and restore the urban transport lines that were removed after the establishment of a contract with the company “Medina Issal” and the French company Transdev. The question raised by the residents of the city of Tetouan is who protects the company “Medina Issal” despite its lack of experience and its obtaining of a contract for the delegated management of urban transport in exchange for the generous financial support received by the company under the delegated management regime, and in a manner that raises questions about the circumstances of the agreement, while the members of the municipal council and the residents of the region await the announcement of the date of application. New offers to choose a new professional company to manage urban transport and put an end to the unprecedented drama that the residents are experiencing. The deterioration of the mechanical condition of urban transport buses following the protests of the residents of the city of Tetouan and its surroundings requires the intervention of the Ministry of the Interior as the supervisory authority responsible for the delegated management of the urban transport sector. This also requires sending an inspection commission from the Ministry of Interior and the Higher Council of Accounts to uncover the truth of the defects in this agreement, which has already been criticized by the authorities, the media and human rights organizations. The only problem is that the contract was awarded by the person who is himself the head of the inspection, so there is no reason to investigate by this official. At a time when the city of Tetouan is preparing to receive official activities, as is its custom every summer, the demands of the residents are being raised to the governor of Tangier-Tetouan Al-Hoceima and the governor of the province of Tetouan on the need for urgent intervention to end the state of chaos in the urban transport sector.

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