Akhannouch: Social dialogue, a strategic choice to strengthen the foundations of the social state

Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch stressed that the achievements made during the last round of social dialogue highlight our collective understanding of the centrality of social dialogue as a strategic choice for the state, as well as the extent of the efforts made to strengthen the foundations of the social state and improve the purchasing power of citizens, regardless of their level and category.

These remarks were made during a speech delivered today, Tuesday, to the Council of Advisors, during the monthly plenary session on the theme “Social dialogue as a lever to improve workers’ conditions and contribute to national economic performance.”

Akhannouch highlighted the results of the last round which resulted in agreements on several points, including the general increase in salaries in the public sector by 1,000 dirhams net over two phases for categories that have not yet benefited from an increase, the reduction of income tax (IR) for all employees and the self-employed, reaching up to 400 dirhams for the middle classes. In addition, there was a new 10% increase in the SMIG during this round, as well as the agricultural SMAG.

He said that his government has managed to conclude unprecedented social agreements in the history of Moroccan governments, characterized by clear commitments aimed mainly at improving income in the public and private sectors, strengthening social protection for the benefit of the working class, and protecting it against all cyclical fluctuations and unforeseen crises.

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